Thanks to all who made Right to Literacy such a successful campaign! Not only have we planted the seeds for increased literacy awareness and collective action here in the United States, but through UNESCO we are inspiring new scrolls and new journeys around the globe. For more information, download the Right to Literacy book below!

What is the Right to Literacy?

Our nation faces a silent yet growing crisis: low literacy. Over 93 million American adults have limited literacy skills, costing our economy $60 billion a year in lost productivity, generating $73 billion in unnecessary health care expenses, and contributing to a host of other problems ranging from crime and drug abuse to unemployment and homelessness. Fixing the literacy problem is essential for lifting Americans out of poverty and rebuilding a strong economy.

No child chooses low literacy, yet many are saddled with its disadvantages before they even enter kindergarten. Often raised by parents with limited literacy, these children slip through the cracks of our school system and join the millions whose lack of literacy excludes them from the most basic opportunities we take for granted. For example, people reading below an 8th grade level are barred from vocational programs under the stimulus act and may never be able to get the training they need.

We support the right to literacy because we believe that no one should be denied the fundamental skills necessary for success in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We believe that literacy is vital for individual success and national success, and as such it deserves to be a high priority on our national agenda.

Individuals governed by written law ought to be able to read written law. Help us provide 100% literacy through 100% community engagement and make literacy a priority for all.


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